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First of all

Innovative Solutions for Your Business

Awesomely is the innovative holding company behind Gigson and La Troupe. We are a collective force driving business success and creative excellence.

Empowering Business Growth and Innovation


Gigson is a trailblazer in business consulting, dedicated to empowering freelancers and SMEs with strategic planning, innovative business development, and organizational efficiency. Our tailored solutions, crafted by experienced consultants, focus on transforming your entrepreneurial journey, ensuring sustainable growth and market success. Embrace the Gigson advantage to unlock your business potential, streamline operations, and achieve your ambitious business goals.

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white and black laptop

Revolutionizing Interior Design and Architecture

La Troupe

La Troupe stands as a beacon in the world of interior design and architecture, providing top-tier outsourcing and consulting services. Specializing in connecting design studios and architects with unparalleled creative talent and project management expertise, we ensure that every project reflects excellence and innovation. Partner with La Troupe to elevate your design aspirations, ensuring every space we collaborate on is a masterpiece of creativity and precision.

Unlock the Awesome Potential of Your Business